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Cosmetology Training Career Program

The 1500 hour Cosmetology Training Career Program is designed and administered to prepare students in the skills necessary for performing haircutting, hairstyling, permanent waving, coloring, manicures, pedicures and basic skin care.

The hour requirements are as follows;

pre-clinic basics

250 hours of instruction of which 200 shall be theory and training on mannequins, 15 hours shall be on skin care, 10 hours on nail care, and the final 25 hours shall be on live models.

After completion of the first 250 hours of training the student enters into the next phase of training which will include classroom, performing clinical services and a state board prep class.


advanced class theory

Classroom instruction that will cover sterilization and sanitation, physiology, electricity, safety precautions, chemistry of products, actions and reactions, composition of tints, dyes and bleaches. Training will also include salon management, salesmanship and ethics.

The following are services the students must complete before being considered a graduate;

charm, reception/desk work, art & ethics laboratory


hair dressing, shampooing and shaping


hair cutting and shaping


permanent waving


chemical hair relaxing


hair coloring and bleaching


scalp and hair treatment


facial treatments, make-up and eye brow arching


manicuring, pedicuring and nail sculpting


hair removal


Once the 1500 hours of required training are completed the student receives a diploma. The students must make application to the State Board for examination. All required documentation must be in place and tuition and fees paid before release of application from the school.

Barber Training Career Program

The 1500 clock hour Barber Training Career Program meets the state board requirements. All aspects of hair science, styling, and cutting are taught, using shears, razor, and clippers. Students are taught permanent waving, hair coloring, client relations, professionalism, and career and business management. Students begin with a 200 hour Orientation which consists of 150 hours of theory followed by 50 hours on live models. After these 200 hours are completed, the Barbering curriculum is as follows:


Haircutting and Styling
500 Hours

Permanent Wave, Relaxer and Chemical Applications
200 hours

Facials, Beard & Mustache Shaving, Hairpieces, Job Search & Law
550 Hours

Upon completion of the Barbering Career Program, the student receives a diploma in Barbering and is eligible to take the State Board Exam. All required documentation must be in place and tuition and fees paid before release of application from the school.

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